Gen Con 50

Gen Con 50

We had a fantastic time at Gen Con.  Gen Con truly is the epicenter and mecca for all things unplugged gaming.  It was extra special to be there in Indianapolis this year as it was the fiftieth anniversary!  With over five hundred exhibitors Gen Con is certainly going strong.  There were over two hundred thousand in attendance!

Gen Con is a celebration of nerd culture.  Coming with that is respect and acceptance.  Going to Gen Con is more than trying out the latest games, it is being a part of a larger community–one that accepts you for who you are and enjoys geeking out with the latest and greatest games in the industry.

In a world awash with screens and technology, there is a satisfying and important place that tabletop games play (pun intended).  Every type of game was well represented from board games and card games to wargames and role-playing games.  If it is a game, you will find it at Gen Con.

Crit Games

The most amazing part of creating is sharing it with others.  We were happy to be working with Tabletop Bazaar to sell copies of our DnD 5E Condition and Combat Cards:

Critical Role

The crew from Critical Role had a special performance at the Old National Centre Theatre.  It is a relatively new thing to make full productions and live events out of role-playing games.  Podcasts have been around for quite some time, but I never thought I would be attending a Dungeons & Dragons game in the same way as someone attends a show from their favorite band.  Matt Mercer and his cast of voice actors have done more to bring role-playing games into the spotlight than anyone else.

There is a phenomenal fanbase for Vox Machinia, the name of the Critical Role, which has brought more attention and players to the game than any other show.  I got a ticket and was able to sit in the upper balcony on the very last row.  This was my view:

Until next year!

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