D&D 5E Cards Giveaway!

DnD 5E Cards Giveaway!

We care giving away a set of our DnD 5E Condition and Combat Cards!

DnD 5E Condition Cards

Your barbarian got poisoned? Your cleric was blinded? Give players the corresponding condition card to use as a reference. Return the card when the condition is removed. Quickly and easily track fifth edition conditions for your own role-playing and tabletop adventure!

DnD 5E Condition Cards is a 52 card deck that contains thirteen unique conditions for up to four players. The deck contains the standard 5E conditions (Appendix A: Conditions, page 105). Each deck has four copies of each condition to cover your party. Contains four of each: Blinded, Charmed, Deafened, Frightened, Grappled, Incapacitated, Invisible, Paralyzed, Petrified, Poisoned, Restrained, Stunned, Unconscious

DnD 5E Combat Cards

Roll for initiative! Quickly and easily track combat for your 5E RPG experience. Great for new adventurers or as a reference for seasoned heroes.

DnD 5E Combat Cards are geared for tracking rules when engaged in combat (Chapter 9: Combat, page 74). This full-color 52 card deck complements and enhances your fifth edition encounters for your own role-playing and tabletop adventure! Contains four cards each: Cover, Concentration, Dying, Exhaustion, Flanking, Hidden, Incorporeal, Mounted, Prone, Underwater and six cards each: Death Saves and Initiative Cards.


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