DnD 5E RPG Condition Cards: Arrival Date and Production Samples

DnD 5E RPG Condition Cards: Arrival Date and Production Samples

We now have an arrival date for DnD 5e RPG Condition Cards!  Working with our manufacturers, we have been informed that mass-production quantities will be arriving the second week in January.  We will immediately begin shipping them out that week! Unfortunately this is later than our original estimates to ship before the end of the year.  Please be assured, we are working to get these decks onto your gaming tables as soon as we can.

Production Samples

We have received production samples which we are excited to share with everyone! These production samples have the same images, layout, colors, paper quality, and tuckboxes as the final mass-production copies of the decks.  For this project, we selected the best high-quality materials and it shows. The paper is a premium linen stock which helps the cards glide over each other and simply feel great.  We are really happy with how the tuckboxes turned out! They have a nice laminate matte finish and really stand-out.  These will make great additions for every GM.




We know that you will enjoy using these cards as much as we have enjoyed putting this project together for the rpg gaming community.  If you missed on this project, pre-orders are available:


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