DnD 5E RPG Condition Cards: Combat Cards Artwork Update

DnD 5E RPG Condition Cards: Combat Cards Artwork Update

We’ve been busy creating artwork for the Combat Deck for our 5e RPG Condition Cards kickstarter and we are excited to show you some of the fantastic results!  We still have some more to complete, but here is mountedunderwater, flanking, and incorporeal.


When it comes to traveling in style, you need a mount.  Mounts provide additional options in combat such as dash, disengage, and dodge.


Thinking about fighting off a squad of Sahuagin or battling a giant Kraken?  Then you need an underwater combat card to track the effects of fighting underwater.  Underwater makes it more difficult to fight with ranged and melee weapons.


Add some additional strategy to your combat.  As an optional rule in 5e, you can use flanking cards whenever attacking with another unit on opposite sides to provide advantage on attack rolls.


Move through walls and have damage resistance from physical attacks.  Incorporeal lets you track and move through objects like a ghost.

Although the kickstarter has ended, you can pre-order your copies from our store:

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