DnD 5E RPG Condition Cards: Quick Update and Give-Away

DnD 5E RPG Condition Cards: Quick Update and Give-Away

The production shipment of DnD 5e RPG Condition Cards made its way to Seattle, however, we are awaiting reception in Portland. We’ve had a bad winter storm here in Portland–in fact, one of the snowiest days on record.  Suffice to say roads are impassible due to inclement weather. We are actively working with the delivery company but do not yet have a confirmed delivery day. Stay tuned!


In the meantime, we wanted to do something more. We are inspired by those who have pledged on kickstarter and fans who engaged online through our website and on twitter.  When the shipment arrives, we will be doing a give-away.  We will take all of those that have pledged on kickstarter and combine them with those that have subscribed to our email list and randomly choose one lucky person to receive a special set of Inspiration Cards. If you happen to have pledged and subscribed to our email list as well–you will get two chances in the draw.  If you haven’t subscribed, there is still time.  Subscribe before the shipment arrives!


Inspiration Cards

We prototyped a set of four Inspiration Cards. The idea was to give players a card in order to track inspiration and serve as a reminder to use that inspiration when it really counts. These didn’t make it into the Condition Cards or Combat Cards for the kickstarter, but we’d like get them onto a table so they can be put to good use.



Inspiration Back

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