Origins Sights

Origins Sights

Each convention is different with different activities and sights to see.  Origins Game Fair is definitively unique from True Dungeon, a live dungeon crawl with full costumes and props to participating in one of many tables to try out some tabletop games.

 This year Origins is sponsored by Dungeons and Dragons, but the presence of Wizards of the Coast wasn’t as apparent as you might expect.  There were several halls dedicated to role playing, but the activity was more or less sequestered off into side rooms that are situated somewhat off the main thoroughfare.

 If you came to try out games, you will not be disappointed.  There are more games than one person can possibly play in a lifetime–with everything from rooms with giant Catan boards to the latest kickstarter sensation.  I’m always impressed with the quality and care dedicated to this hobby and the effort involved transporting these creations to an event in order to share.


If you made your way to Columbus, Ohio and are attending this year.  Come stop by our booth in the exhibit hall #841 and say hi.  Bring your friends, make some more friends, and game on!

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