Slash & Hack – Narrating Misses

Transcript Barbarian: I rolled an 8. GM: Your blade swings through the air *whoosh* but fails to find purchase!  Your foe is no match and deftly steps aside to avoid your paltry blow! GM: The swing of the blade puts you slightly off balance.  A feeble attempt and the sahugin erupt in laughter at your attempt. Barbarian: I just[…]

Slash & Hack – Fantasy Copyrights

Transcript Wizard: A treent not an ent?  A halfling not a hobbit?  This is clearly ripping off J.R.R. Tolkien. GM: Well that’s the problem with copyright–you can’t just use names of anything you want or you’ll get sued. Wizard: Behold her!  Watch out for the floating one-eyed head with a bunch of eye stalks and a giant[…]