DnD 5E RPG Condition Cards: Materials

DnD 5E RPG Condition Cards: Materials Materials can make all the difference.  Playing cards have been around for some time, but manufacturing them remain as a specialized industry.  With our 5e RPG Condition Cards kickstarter we wanted to find the best materials to give a great look and feel to these cards.  We qualified our paper along four main characteristics: paper,[…]

DnD 5E RPG Condition Cards: Combat Cards

DnD 5E RPG Condition Cards: Combat Cards With our 5e RPG Condition Cards kickstarter we are making a second deck of Combat Cards!  These cards complement the Condition Cards in order to provide additional tracking and rules specifically for combat.  Help us build the combat deck with stretch goals.  Here is a sneak peak of the first five! Dying: Roll[…]

DnD 5E RPG Condition Cards: Intoxicated Bonus Card

DnD 5E RPG Condition Cards: Intoxicated Bonus Card How many times has your adventuring party visited the tavern and turned into a party? We are adding a bonus card to our 5e RPG Condition Cards kickstarter with the introduction of Intoxicated!  This card can be redeemed when a friend pledges, see kickstarter for details and[…]

DnD 5E RPG Condition Cards Launched on KICKSTARTER!

DnD 5E RPG Condition Cards Step Up Your DnD 5e Gamenight with Beautifully illustrated and functional Condition Cards and Combat Cards to enhance your 5E tabletop role-playing experience. Kickstarter available from June 7th to July 17th 2016! As a GM, never miss a condition again.  Crit Games is bringing 5e RPG Condition Cards to your table[…]