RPG Player Kits Kickstarter

RPG Player Kits Available Now! Gear up for adventure! RPG Player Kits enrich your tabletop experience with smart components that enhance and streamline gameplay. The RPG Player Kit includes: Action Cards, Player Dry-Erase Board, Color-Coded Dice, and a Wooden Dice Box. The Action Cards shown are for DnD Fifth Edition (5E), but we plan to[…]

Origins Sights

Origins Sights Each convention is different with different activities and sights to see.  Origins Game Fair is definitively unique from True Dungeon, a live dungeon crawl with full costumes and props to participating in one of many tables to try out some tabletop games.  This year Origins is sponsored by Dungeons and Dragons, but the presence[…]

Origins Game Fair

Origins Game Fair We are at Origins Game Fair!  Come stop by our booth 841 in the Exhibit Hall.  We will have DnD 5e Condition Cards and DnD 5e Combat Cards, Inspiration Bonus Cards, Intoxicated Bonus Cards, extended Initiative Cards, dice trays as well as base markers for miniatures. Game On!

DnD 5E RPG Condition Cards: Production Shipment Arrival

DnD 5E RPG Condition Cards: Production Shipment Arrival The production shipment of DnD 5e RPG Condition Cards has arrived! Hooray! The day has come, we have received our production shipment.  The final decks really turned out great and we are happy to bring this project to your gaming table.  We will start putting together pledges and[…]

DnD 5E RPG Condition Cards: Quick Update and Give-Away

DnD 5E RPG Condition Cards: Quick Update and Give-Away The production shipment of DnD 5e RPG Condition Cards made its way to Seattle, however, we are awaiting reception in Portland. We’ve had a bad winter storm here in Portland–in fact, one of the snowiest days on record.  Suffice to say roads are impassible due to inclement[…]