Origins Game Fair

Despite all of the noise and circumstance with modern digital entertainment, it’s wonderful to relax and take some time to enjoy sitting with friends together and playing some board games. Origins is unique amongst the different gaming conventions. Starting in 1975 as a wargaming convention, it since expanded to be all types of board, Card,[…]

RPG Player Kits Kickstarter: Manufacturing Samples Player Dry-Erase Boards and Inspiration Tokens

Player Dry-Erase Boards We have received manufacturing samples for all three of the player dry-erase boards and we are very excited about how they turned out.  Above are the Savage Worlds, Starfinder, and D&D/Pathfinder Player Dry-erase boards from left to right. Inspiration Tokens   Manufacturing of Inspiration Tokens is completed and these have arrived!  We[…]

RPG Player Kits Kickstarter: Color-Coded Dice Sets and Surveys

Color-Coded Dice Have Arrived I have a thing for dice and I got a little more than excited when opening this large batch of color-coded dice sets.  It’s truly something to behold to see so many colorful dice sets all in one place. These dice sets definitely make it easy to find the right die and the[…]

RPG Player Kits Kickstarter: Art Assets

Savage Worlds Dry-Erase Board The Savage Worlds Dry-erase board design has been completed.  Get savage and get ready for combat!  The dry-erase board includes shaken, wounds, fatigue, incapacitated, injuries, as well as derived characteristics pace, parry, and toughness.  The Savage Worlds Dry-Erase will be available as an alternative dry-erase option in the surveys. Action Card[…]