D&D’s Best Year Ever

Best year ever for Dungeons & Dragons: Hasbro CEO from CNBC.

According to Hasbro CEO Brian Goldner, D&D is having its best year ever and you can see why.  With the advent of the fifth edition rules, many gamers are coming home to the game after hiatus or moving back from other systems.  He also mentioned a couple of other interesting avenues which added more dimensions to the game such as more digital content, event-style concepts, and cross-overs with other products such as Magic the Gathering.  Personally, much of the charm for me with the game is not having a screen or a digital distraction and so am a bit wary of what Brian has in mind for digital.  It was in the same statements around development of Magic the Gathering digital play which doesn’t exactly translate to a pen and pater D&D experience.  However, if there were better convention events, perhaps not only epic arching stories, but D&D challenges were players scored point to compete–I would definitely participate.  Or if ‘more digital’ means more streaming and twitch-style actual plays–sure, sounds good.  However, if ‘more digital’ means turning the pen and paper experience into an online mobile game….perhaps not.  The entire modality of RPGs is the analog experience and the time away from our digital world to sit and have some fun with friends.

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