Mox Boarding House

Played it up tonight at Mox Boarding House tonight in Seattle. Mox Boarding House is a game store and restaurant entertainment destination. Tried out two games: Raptor and Sagrada.

Raptor is a board game for two players and pits a ferocious mother raptor protecting her raptor babies against a team of scientists who are trying to capture them. My team of scientists got schooled (and eaten alive). He basic mechanic is a simultaneous choose and reveal of cards which either give an action or provide a set of action points to use.

Sagrada is a dice pattern matching game. Each player is assembling a stained-glass window and following open and secret objectives to score points for the end of the game. It feels like a game of sudoku with dice with basic rules of no dice adjacent to the same color nor no number can be the same adjacent.

Both provided a good two player experience and it was fun to learn a couple of games that J probably wouldn’t otherwise have the chance to try.

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