St Louis Game Stores

St. Louis Game Stores

Just did a whirlwind tour of gamestores in St. Louis while I was there this week.  Good to know that geeks congregate everywhere.  I always enjoy stopping in the local game stores especially while I’m traveling–it’s fun to see what’s new and catch the local vibe.  Different stores certainly cater to different domains of geekdom, from comics and board games to hip bars where you can order a drink and play a game from a selection.  Here are a few of the highlights from the trip here in St. Louis:

Pieces, The St. Louis Board Game Bar and Cafe

How many board game stores offer a happy hour?  Pieces the St. Louis Board Game Bar and Cafe delivers and with games.  Games are all about playing them with friends.  Nothing brings out that social aspect better than playing a game and enjoying some good food and drinks!  Pieces is a unique place to bring friends.  Part cafe, part game store–you can come and enjoy both!

[Image from Joseph N. on Yelp]

The Wizard’s Wagon

The Wizard’s Wagon serves the student crowd from Washington University of St. Louis.  Located on a trendy strip of boutiques and “snow” ice cream bar just off Delmar, stop in to find collectables, cards, and just enough to satisfy the inner-nerd.  I chatted with Ryan who past the test; he helped ensure the students can find our DnD 5E Condition and Combat Cards here!

Game Nite

I met Chris, the owner of Game Nite, when I stopped in.  Chris was exceptionally cordial and showed us around the store.  Despite the large size of the store with arrays of tables, they’ve been steadily out-growing their location.  Game Nite hosts a number of events and tournaments and is a great place to come and game if you are in the area.  Every Wednesday night is Adventurer’s League and you can now get our DnD 5E Condition and Combat Cards for your campaign here!

The Fantasy Shop

Large, clean, and with some of the funniest clerks I met, The Fantasy Shop (the role-playing type of fantasy–no I mean, the one where you play in leather–no, wait I mean tabletop games!) serves gamers west of the Missouri River in St. Louis.  They have an excellent selections of board, game, card, and comics–enough to satisfy any type of geek.  The clerks were friendly and had great sense of humor.  When I showed them the cards that I make, they brought me over to the role-playing section to show me sets for sale!  It’s awesome to see that they already had our decks in stock:

Miniature Market

I was excited to stop by Miniature Market while I was in St. Louis.  They are one of the bigger online websites which a healthy collection and penchant for miniatures from all sorts of games and their warehouse happened to be in the midwest.  I have to admit I was expecting to see some of the vastness of the online collection in person, but was underwhelmed by what I found.  Miniature Market is definitely an online retailer.  You can pickup online orders, but the section open to the public was more about selling discounted and damaged items.  That being said, you may be able to find some gems if you come in person and the clerks were more than happy to help you find things.

The Dark Side Comics and Games

The Dark Side Comics and Games is moreover catered to the comics geek.  I stopped in, but just missed meeting the owner.  Dark Side is situated in Chesterfield making it a gaming hub of the suburbs.  They have a great selection of comics and magic cards and perfect for the quick fix.

Next time you are traveling, visit the local game store and Game on!

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