Character Creation and CSI: Waterdeep

Had a fantastic night of Dungeons and Dragons. We started a new campaign with all new characters starting at level 5. Joining the group is Portia, a halfling assassin rogue, Maug–a smug goblin companion, Ogrin, a dwarf cleric, Alesam, a human cleric, and Harnim, a human fighter.

The heroes found themselves standing over a body that had been crushed in two. It was a regular crime scene–a regular CSI: Waterdeep. While investigating the crime scene at the edge of town, they found out that the body belonged to Poorfel, who was hired previously to investigate the bad crops. Now the current adventurers were hired to investigate what happened to Poorfel and the bad crops.

Following a lead of footprints, they found a sinkhole. Sending in Portia, the resident party thief, they descended down into an underground dungeon where the roof had fallen in.

After removing the hinges from a large metal door, the group continued down a long passageway.

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