DnD 5e Player’s Handbook Signed by Critical Role

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DnD 5e Player’s Handbook Signed by Critical Role

The cast of Critical Role was at Portland’s Wizard World Comic Con giving autographs–well, as with any convention, you can purchase autographs and then wait in line to chat briefly with your geeky celebrity of choice.  I have to hand it to the cast of Critical Role–they work really hard for the publicity.  Arriving in the morning to sign autographs, then sitting on a panel, and then more signing before the day is done.  Continue that all day for the entire weekend then rinse and repeat at the next convention all while maintaining your own weekly three-hour internet show and your actual day job…phew!

While I was waiting in line for signatures I noticed fellow comic con attendees taking out their own wares to have signed.  I hadn’t even thought of bringing something–but luckily the line was long enough to make a mad dash down to Guardian Games a few blocks away.  I was able to pickup a Player’s Handbook and make it back in time to have it signed.  Even though I was one of the last in line before the close of the convention, I still received hearty handshakes and engaged conversation.


Critical Role Signatures

Fans demand much more today than ever.  In a day where every thought can be transported over twitter, people have come to expect personal and direct contact with their favorite celebrity or artist.  I watched as Travis Willingham who plays the barbarian “Grog” on the show took voice cues from a small girl.  The girl was inspired to play a Barbarian in her own tabletop game after having watched the show online.  She voiced her own take of “Grog” much to the delight of Travis.  Multiple times members of the group came around the tables to take selfies with fans and their enthusiasm and energy was contagious.

A fanbase for playing games was unfathomable before the likes of twitch or youtube.  Leave it to a group of voice actors to build an audience for tabletop role-playing games!

Critical Role

critical_role_logoIf you haven’t heard of Critical Role and you play Dungeons and Dragons, where have you been?  The group is a mix of voice actors mostly from the video game industry who had been quietly indulging in the tabletop hobby for some time until finally sharing their sessions online with the rest of the world.  Every Thursday night the group assembles in a small studio at Geek and Sundry to stream their game live on Twitch.tv/geekandsundry.  You can catch past episodes directly on GeekandSundry.com.

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