DnD 5E RPG Condition Cards: Combat Cards Artwork Complete

DnD 5E RPG Condition Cards: Combat Cards Artwork Complete


All of the artwork for the Combat Deck is now complete for our DnD 5e Condition Cards kickstarter!  Finally with Concentration, Cover, and Death Save, we now have the full set of images needed for the Combat Deck!



Certain spells need to be maintained in order to remain in effect.  A busy GM has many more things to focus on without concentrating on whether or not the wizard is still concentrating!  The next time your wily wizard casts hold person, leave it up to the card to remember.


Would you say that its 1/2 cover, 3/4 cover, full cover?  And what do the rules say would be the difference?  When your heroes are using their environment to their advantage, give them this card with all of the tactical rules that cover brings during combat.

Death Save

Three strikes failing against death and you may need to pass in your character sheet forever.  Use Death Save cards to heighten the final moments of such a dramatic event.  The combat deck will include six death save cards.  The front side is used to indicate successes; the back, failure.


Initiative Cards

Roll for initiative!  Have you ever forgotten who goes next in the thick of combat?  Or worse, forget someone’s turn altogether?  The initiative order will no longer be a hassle to remember using these six ordered initiative cards.  Simply hand out a numbered card after you roll initiative and get to the more important things: fighting your foes!


With the completion of these final combat deck images, we have everything we need for pre-production to begin.  This means we can submit all of the artwork with layouts.  In the next few weeks we will be completing our pre-production review to make sure all of the artwork, colors, and tuckboxes are ready.  A digital proof will be made to ensure that everything is ready for full-production.

Insofar as the schedule is concerned: Pre-production will take two weeks. Digital proofs and approvals another two weeks.  We want to make sure everything is ready to bring you the best product possible.  Once these are approved, full production will proceed will take seven weeks allowing one additional week for assembly.  Finally, we will be shipping cards to distribution centers and getting them to you as fast as we can which is estimated to take two weeks.  If all goes well, we will get these cards onto your table mid-December.

Although the kickstarter has ended, you can pre-order your copies from our store:

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