DnD 5E RPG Condition Cards

DnD 5e Condition Cards and Combat Cards


Packages have been steadily going out for our DnD 5e Kickstarter and we will be sending out the remainder of the kickstarter pledges as well as pre-orders.  It’s time to bring these to life on your table and into your games!

If you missed out, we are making cards available for everyone after the kickstarter:

Final Decks

We are really happy how these decks turned out. This was a passion project bringing all of the best elements of artwork, design, and materials we could find. We hope you will enjoy using them in your next adventure!


Thank you to everyone who made these decks possible including everyone who has joined us here in Kickstarter and those that have helped promote this project online.  Thank you for pledging, sharing, and bringing all of this to life!

We had a give-away for Inspiration cards for those that participated in this kickstarter or signed up to our mailing list.

The winner of our Inspiration give-away is:

@Andrew Barton


Within your kickstarter order has been included a set of Inspiration cards!


Role-playing games provide a wonderful experience that other mediums can’t. It transcends the boundaries of pixels and cardboard games bringing an unparalleled entertainment fueled by imagination. There is no end to the characters you can be and the worlds you may explore. Role-playing truly is unique and it will continue to delight players with its originality, creativity, and sociability. Worlds await, so…

Game On!

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About Us

Crit Games LLC is an indie game developer and publisher in Portland, Oregon. They make accessories for board game, card game, and tabletop. DnD 5e Condition Cards and DnD 5e Combat Cards are their first public releases and products. They’ve been crafting game tools to enhance their own tabletop experiences and look forward to bringing them to your table. Game On!


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