Gen Con D&D One-Shots

Gen Con D&D One-Shots

This year, we created several one-shot adventures for Gen Con.  The key for one-shot adventures is to immediately engage players and balance interactivity and interest while keeping it within time constraints.  You cannot guarantee that your players are familiar with the system or settings–and so many elements need to be streamlined and simplified.

We prepared several one-hour one-shots and wanted to provide a variety of scenarios from story-driven to combat heavy.  It was my first time being a Gamemaster at a major convention and I had a blast!

Manor House Haunt

You play Amber Echoes and you are dead.  Play as a ghost who has lost her memories of her previous life and work to evict heroes from the Manor House!

Eyes of the Beholder

Beholders and Goblins square off in a monster brawl!  Will the beholders be able to stave off the onslaught or will the pesky goblins be able to steal away treasure.

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