Leap of Faith to a Hidden Isle

Its always fun to try new things. We had a couple of friends over for the evening for dinner. They had never played any tabletop role-playing games before, so it was a great time to introduce them to the hobby.

After a quick introduction to the concept of collaborative storytelling and printing out prefabbed character sheets, we were off.

Portia, the stealthy rogue, Thurbin, the cleric dwarf, with Mister Fox, and Lizard the Wizard were commissioned by the local magistrate to clear the shoreline pass. People have been disappearing which just isn’t conducive to trade. Taking along a mobile arbalest in tow, the party comes across Gaylaeth who is teetering on the verge of unconscious, but they revive him to learn that he was ambush on the road and they took his wife, Gweneth. Upon investigation, Lizard found evidence of the skirmish with footsteps that led them to the waters edge. At the shoreline cliff was a white stone inscribed with, “step beyond the stones to reveal a hidden path.” With seemingly no way to cross, Portia hurls the body of Gaylaeth beyond the craggy cliff to reveal it is supported and there is indeed path heading out over the churlish waters. They walk out across the ground which continues to reveal more ground before them as the land comes into view as they walk. As they continue across the causeway, they finally come to an isle. It appears that the legend of a hidden island was true as Lizard recalled in his history books he so loves to study. They hear voices up ahead saying, “they haven’t found her yet.” Several soldiers are guarding a rocky outcropping and a pit. The soldiers are bearing the sign of the magistrate, but there is some suspicion from Thurbin that they are not official. A fight breaks out as the party combines a stealth attack by Portia, arbalest shot from Thurbin, and a ray of frost from Lizard. One solider is blinded by the ray of frost while Portia sends one mans hurtling down the shaft which is much deeper than it appears. And a fight breaks out!

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