RPG Player Kits Kickstarter: Added Starfinder and Inspiration Tokens

Starfinder Roleplaying Game

Paizo has a new fan-dangled Starfinder Roleplaying Game bringing role-playing goodness to the stars. Do you play or are looking to get into it? Then you will need action cards to help out! We are adding Starfinder Action Cards to this kickstarter!

Inspiration Token

Now that we are past the first milestone: basic funding, we’d like to introduce our first stretch goal: Inspiration Tokens!  Many games use a token or bonus bennies (benefits) to help track player perks: DnD 5E has inspiration; Savage Worlds, bennies, etc.  If we reach this stretch goal, we will automatically be adding these to all RPG Player Kits!  If you didn’t pledge for a full kit or would like to have additional tokens, these will also be made available as an add-on.



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