RPG Player Kits Kickstarter: Added Savage Worlds and Starfinder Dry-Erase Boards

Savage Worlds and Starfinder Dry-Erase Boards

Need to easily track shaken and wounds for your Savage Worlds wild card? Or track stamina and resolve points as well as kinetic and energy armor class for your Starfinder pilot?  By popular demand, we are adding two additional Player Dry-Erase boards specific for Savage Worlds and Starfinder Roleplaying Game!

Other Updates

We have been busy at Rose City Comic Con as well as working with our manufacturers to make these new options possible. Really enjoyed meeting people in person at the convention! If you have a chance to attend a comic or game convention, go for it!

We have been working with Michael O’Brien Vice President of Chaosium in order to make a set of Call of Cthulhu Action Cards.  Chaosium like the idea of the cards, but only as a separate Call of Cthulhu specific kickstarter.  Therefore unfortunately we won’t be able to add Call of Cthulhu to this Kickstarter campaign:

“We would be interested in discussing further, but for a new crowdfunding campaign, not as part of the Kickstarter that is currently underway.”

We are in the last days of this kickstarter–so let your gaming groups know and share the word.  The goal is to pack as much goodness as possible into these kits and get them to your table!


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