RPG Player Kits Kickstarter: Art Assets

Savage Worlds Dry-Erase Board

The Savage Worlds Dry-erase board design has been completed.  Get savage and get ready for combat!  The dry-erase board includes shaken, wounds, fatigue, incapacitated, injuries, as well as derived characteristics pace, parry, and toughness.  The Savage Worlds Dry-Erase will be available as an alternative dry-erase option in the surveys.

Action Card Artwork

We’ve got some awesome artwork updates we’d like to share!  We’ve been busy working on the sets of action cards and we’re excited to share the latest.  The cover artwork above is for D&D Action Cards and Starfinder action cards.  More cover art to come very soon!  Meanwhile, we’ve been moving forward with production for the other items such as the color-coded dice and the wooden boxes.


Surveys will be going out very soon in the next week or so.  The kickstarter tiers provided an estimate for shipment sizes–the goal was to provide rough sizing levels and allow backers to choose whatever they’d like in an open-ended way.  The surveys will also be where shipping address information will be gathered.  We’ve had a number of people ask about adding more items after the kickstarter–this is absolutely ok!  Simply select whatever you’d like on the survey.  If there are more items you’d like even beyond your pledge level selections, we’ll work out the difference directly with you.

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