RPG Player Kits Kickstarter: Color-Coded Dice Sets and Surveys

Color-Coded Dice Have Arrived

I have a thing for dice and I got a little more than excited when opening this large batch of color-coded dice sets.  It’s truly something to behold to see so many colorful dice sets all in one place. These dice sets definitely make it easy to find the right die and the color system works great!  Make it easy next time you roll with advantage!

Kickstarter Surveys Sent

We have set out surveys for each pledge level.  This is where we will gather information for shipping addresses as well as add-on selections.  There were a lot of options in this kickstarter–so we created a survey that allows for maximum flexibility.  Simply answer the survey questions and enter quantities of add-ons as you would like.  You may even make selections for add-ons beyond your original pledge.  If needed we will work directly with you for payment of additional add-ons that go beyond the value of the original pledge.

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