RPG Player Kits Kickstarter: Dice Colors and Dry-Erase Markers

We are still awaiting final information from Kickstarter regarding pledges.  This should be completed this week.  However, we have already started moving forward with manufacturers by starting on components that have longer production lead times in order to have the kits made in a timely fashion.  Additionally, we have been working to make the RPG Player Kit even better by improving aspects such as the dice colors and adding a dry-erase marker!

Dice Colors

The dice colors have been updated based on feedback.  As the d20 and d12 can be easily mistaken, the d12 will be made YELLOW.  Additionally, the d10 and d% have been matched as black and white respectively to give the set a logical color pairing as they are often rolled together.  The final result is the following: D20 RED, D12 YELLOW, D% WHITE, D10 BLACK, D8 BLUE, D6 ORANGE, D4 GREEN.

Dry-Erase Markers

We wanted to add a dry-erase maker to the kit to show appreciation to backers.  Therefore we are announcing that every RPG Player Kit will be coming with a KleenSlate Dry-erase marker!  We have been evaluating numerous dry-erase marker types and have found one that we think you will absolute love for tabletop gaming.  We have been very particular in the material and component selection for the RPG Player Kit and this marker is no exception.  Kleen Slate markers come with a built-in eraser cap and a special marker tip that holds up better than all of the other markers we have tested.  We think everyone will enjoy using these dry-erase markers with the Player Dry-Erase boards!


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