DnD 5e Player Tracker (Improved)

DnD 5e Player Tracker

DnD 5e Player Tracker (Improved)

There are a number of things for Dungeons and Dragons that would be very convenient for a Dungeon Master to have available at their fingertips especially about the players.  Armor Class and Passive Perception don’t change very often and so make sense to have readily available without asking players.  After posting a DnD 5e Player Tracker, we received a number of responses on twitter and decided to make an improved version.


We added Inspiration and additional conditions and removed elements to make it work better with the companion DnD 5e Encounter Sheet.  The initiative tracker was removed, the notes section was enlarged, and additional players were added bringing the total to seven which could be used for both players and non-player characters.  The fonts were updated for both labels and the form-fillable blocks.  The entire sheet was updated to be form-fillable with proper tabination.


With this sheet, you no longer have to continuously ask players for their Armor Class or tip them off to potential traps by asking for everyone’s Passive Perception.  Most importantly, you can track up to seven players and non-player characters and keep the game running smoothly.  Enjoy my fellow Dungeon Masters!


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