DnD 5e Homebrew Drinking Rules

DnD 5e Homebrew Drinking Rules

DnD 5e Homebrew Drinking Rules

In Dungeons and Dragons, it always comes up.  You stop by the local tavern to pickup on some quests and rumors and the party starts a party.  Most DMs at this point wing it or begin applying penalties helter-skelter.  There are a few drinking rules here and here, but we decided to make our own for 5e as a chaser.  D&D doesn’t come with drinking rules out of the box–and probably never will.  Let’s brew our own with this DnD 5e Homebrew Drinking Rules!


We provide just enough information to whet the palate and some basic rules.  At its core, there is a new condition, inebriation, which has progressive levels of impairment:


When enough liquid courage is imbibed make a DC 10 Constitution saving throw or advance one level of inebriation. Effects of inebriation are cumulative.

Level Effect
1 Disadvantage on Persuasion and DeceptionAdvantage against Frightened
2 Disadvantage on Ability Checks; Roll Hit Dice and gain temporary hit points
3 Disadvantage on Saving Throws; Cannot dash or move more than 10′ in the same direction
4 Disadvantage on Attack Rolls; Damage Resistance
5 Become Unconscious

To cast a spell, make a DC 10 Constitution saving throw or the spell fails. The spell is not wasted. A short rest removes one level of inebriation; a long rest removes all effects of inebriation.



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