DnD 5E One-Shot: The Beast of Tiershire

DnD 5E One-Shot: The Beast of Tiershire



Tiershire resides in the misty highlands between a natural mountain plateau known for natural timber and fog. There has been trouble with a beast that stalks and hunts in this once quiet village. You have been summoned as a party for hire by the local High Constable Byron to deal with the terrible beast.

The city is under the direction of the High Constable Byron. The rightful ruler,Prince Petrus of Hesse, riased an army and has left to fight against the orcish incursion of the north.Prince Petrus has given the rights to work the land to the local townsfolk in his absence.

Tiershire is under martial law by the The Watch identifiable by the black bands they wear around their upper arms. The Watch are foreign conscripts that enforce curfew and keep the peace by force.

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