DnD 5e Player Tracker

DnD 5e Player Tracker

DnD 5e Player Tracker

UPDATE: Created a new DnD 5e Player Tracker (Improved)

In Dungeons and Dragons, all of the players have a copy of their character in front of them.  However, as a Dungeon Master–who supposedly knows all–you actually don’t have knowledge about the players immediately available.  There are a few key stats such as AC, hit points, and passive perception that are helpful to keep on hand which can easily be done by a player tracker.  This tracker compliments the DnD 5e Encounter Sheet which handles monsters by providing an easy way to track players within a given encounter.  This is a repost of the form-fillable DnD 5e Encounter Crib Sheet by David Black.


Using this player tracker does require writing down each players AC, hit points, and passive perception–but you were doing that anyway, right?  As Dungeon Master, it is better know what a player’s passive perception is rather than asking and having the entire group know something is afoot.  I usually have players keep track of their own health, but it certainly speeds up gameplay not to have to ask about armor class every round of combat.  One of the more surprises uses is a time-of-day tracker at the top preventing:

Player: “I want to attack stealthily at night.”

DM: “Wait.  Is it night now?  Did you take a long rest?  If you started questing in the morning and it took three hours travel to get here…what time of day is it?”

In Your Game

It’s form-fillable, so you could use it completely digitally or simply print a sheet and try tracking your players in your next D&D 5e session!



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